Charles Owen AYR8 PLUS Helmet Leather Look Navy Trim Navy

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The Charles Owen AYR8 PLUS helmet Leather Look Navy Trim Navy. The best combination of functionality, comfort and design.

The AYR8 PLUS helmet is equipped with various air vents on the front and rear. These grids are cleverly processed behind dust. The cap also has the GRpx® technology, which ensures the ultimate fit for both comfort and optimum safety. Of course, the Charles Owen AYR8 PLUS cap meets all legal safety requirements, including the VG1 standard.


57 cm, 56 cm, 58 cm, 60 cm, 59 cm, 61 cm, 62 cm, 64 cm, 63 cm, 65 cm, 55 cm, 54 cm, 53 cm, 52 cm